Counting Up to our 10th Annual Greater Philadelphia Walk ALS®

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2011 - 10 years and stronger than ever

2010 – Approaching a milestone


Team Koller walks for Jim Koller, showing love and support with every step.  They helped make a sunny day at Citizens Bank Park even brighter and will continue at our 2011 Walk to Defeat ALS ®.  2010 was our 9th annual Greater Philadelphia Walk, raising over $575,000 to help us lead the fight to treat and cure ALS while empowering people with Lou Gehrig’s Disease and their families to live fuller lives while providing them with compassionate care and support.  Our Chapter has grown by tremendous leaps and bounds from that first walk in 2002, but the best walks are still to come!

2009 – Another Beautiful Day at the Ballpark


Ok, so the Phillies aren’t going to win the World Series every  year, but they are always champions in our eyes!  Here was the Green Team, captained by Al and Kelly Slipakoff.  They have been on the walk committee for 10 years, helping us grow from walking at Radnor Middle School to using the same ball park as the Philadelphia Phillies, all while raising money to defeat ALS.  The dedication of leaders like the Slipakoffs is what drives us every year.

2008 – Surrounded by Champions

2008 was our first year at Citizens Bank Park, and what a year it was as the Phillies had just won the World Series!  It was cold, and a bit rainy, but there was a ton of excitement as we all felt like champions that year.  The Philly Phanatic wasn’t the only one jumping for joy that  year.  Just like the Phillies, we were all able to look back at how far we had come and leave the 2008 walk with the hope and confidence that we could accomplish so much more in our fight to defeat ALS.

2007 – Our last year at Valley Forge


2007 would be our last year at Valley  Forge Military Academy, and all  because of our dedicated crew of walkers, donors, and volunteers who have helped us grow by leaps and bounds every single year!  Wes Rose was the highest individual fundraiser in 2007 and his team Absolutely  Living Strong won highest fundraising team.  There is no question that Wes is, in fact, absolutely  living strong in his fight to defeat ALS!

Nancy and Bill Giles have had a team in the walk every year for the past ten years,  including the 2011 Walk to Defeat ALS ®.  They have been there through the rainy and cold weather to the sunny and warm, always stepping up to help make our walks the best in the country.

2006 – Our Volunteers always Step Up


The Chi Psi fraternity at Rutgers show tremendous compassion as volunteers at the Greater Philadelphia Walk to Defeat ALS ®.  In 2006, they came out in full force and they still help out in many ways each and every year.  Our walks are powered by a committed group of volunteers who do whatever is necessary to make sure that our events are successful.

Thank you Chi Psi!

2005 – Four years in and growing bigger every year


Dawn’s Angels have been involved in the Walk to Defeat ALS ® for 10 years.  As we walked over the crisp, fallen leaves, we’re reminded of the hope for spring and for a cure for ALS.  Nothing can hold back Dawn’s Angels and the thousands of others who have helped make our walks so successful each and every year.


Team Not Entirely Bierely is still Walking to Defeat ALS to this very day!  They are one of our 10 year teams, showing incredible commitment to the fight to treat and cure ALS.  Every year we look forward to their energy and enthusiasm as they light up our walk. 

2003 - Our first anniversary of many

Board members Lauren Stevenson-Yacina, Chris Dyer, Rhoda and Ira Albom, and Ben Ohrenstein and so many others helped continue our momentum from Valley Forge Military Academy. With each year, we have gained more energy, more allies, and more hope in the fight to defeat ALS.

2002 - The first step of many

Kathryn Voit has been involved with our Walk to Defeat ALS® since 2002, when it was first called the Wayne Walk and held at Radnor Middle School. It has since grown to over 4,000 people, raising money, awareness, and, most importantly, hope throughout the Greater Philadelphia area. Just like Kathryn, the Philly Phanatic has been involved in our fight against ALS from the very beginning.


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