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Latest videos from our 2016 ALS Research Conference in Philadelphia:


Northeast ALS Consortium provides up-to-date information for finding both federally and privately funded clinical studies focusing on ALS and motor neuron diseases.
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Clinical research is the only way that promising science will become treatments and cures for motor neuron disease. Patients and caregivers are all incredibly important to this process.
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The ALS Association has committed more than $58 million to find effective treatments and a cure for Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Our global research effort has helped increase the number of scientists working on ALS, advanced new discoveries and treatments, and has shed light on the complex genetic and environmental factors involved in ALS.  

The ALS Association has made significant research milestones in the fight against ALS, including:

  • The groundbreaking discovery of the ALS gene, SOD1, responsible for 20 percent of all inherited ALS cases.
  • Discovery of ALS6 in 2009, a new gene responsible for about 5% of all inherited ALS cases.
  • The first clinical trial of ISIS-SOD1, a new drug that specifically targets the SOD1 gene 


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