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Living with ALS: The Women's Voice - "As Is"

For women with ALS, taking life "As Is" has special meaning. Focusing on the moment does not deny the realities of ALS, but more importantly this point of view offers possibilities to appreciate and make the most of what life still holds. Life is not over today, and we have much to experience and much to do.

Paula Goldstein

In the few months since she was diagnosed, Paula has learned to not dwell on the future or the past, but to look on each moment now as quality time not to be wasted. When people ask when she is quitting her job, she says "not today."



Mary McConaghy

Mary, diagnosed last winter, uses the concept of "As Is" to make the most of the new and shifting realities of her life, acknowledging what she has lost, but concentrating on all the good in her life and figuring out how to use what she has today to live and give to as much as possible.



Kathryn Voit

During the twelve years she lived with ALS, "As Is" was Kathryn's mantra, helping her to accept and adjust with each new challenge and "reminding her to say "yes" to today and a hopeful "yes' to tomorrow". Kathryn passed away in March 2012, but her spirit lives on through her writing and her friends and family who love her.


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