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This is a place where women with ALS can use their voices to support each other as we seek  to live life as fully as possible despite this devastating disease.   Made by women with ALS for women with ALS, the Women’s Voice gathers reflections of different women on specific topics, with new topics added one at a time. Each woman participant offers her own perspective and experience as a woman diagnosed with ALS.

Women with ALS:

■ Choose the topics
■ Provide the reflections

The WOMEN’S VOICE offers you the chance to make a difference to other women by joining your voice with others.   If you are moved to respond to the voices you find here, or if you want to contribute your own reflections on one of our topics, please email us at  alswomensvoice@gmail.com.




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Contribute to the Upcoming Topic:
Get-Aways and Why They Matter Now

Even with the challenges ALS can present, women with ALS often take special pleasure in traveling.  Options include enjoying luxury cruises, exploring exotic lands, and relaxing at the ocean, on a lake, or in the mountains.  What is your best get-away? Why do you choose this vacation?  And most importantly, what does this vacation mean to you as part of your larger journey with ALS?
Deadline: April 30, 2012

If you would like to contribute your reflections on “Get–Aways and Why They Matter Now”, you can send us your thoughts in writing. Or you can share these thoughts with a ghostwriter on request; this skilled volunteer will meet with you and work with you to put your words in writing.
The Guidelines Are Simple:

Decide in advance what point you want to make about the given topic. Think about what you want to say and what you want readers to take from this. 
-      Remember that the point of what we do is to support and to help each other
-      Make your reflection lively by including specific and personal experiences, people and direct quotes
-      Keep it short (300 to 500 words is plenty)


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