ALS Books

Our patients and their families may be interested in the following books by or about others with ALS, or which provide information that may be helpful to ALS families. However, we do not endorse and are not responsible for the content in any of these publications.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: A guide for patients and families, 2nd edition. Hiroshi Mitsumoto, MD, and Theodur Monsat, MD, editiors, Demos Medical, 2002

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis an Americal Academy of Neurology Press Quality of Life Guide by Robert Miller, MD; Deborah Gelinas, MD; Patricia O’Connor, RN.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Progress in Clinical Neurologic Trials, Volume 1 by R. Clifford Rose, MD, Editor

Charlie’s Victory an Autobiography by Charlie & Lucy Wedemeyer

Chocolate Kisses by Ann Wade

How to Help Children Through a Parent’s Serious Illness by Kathleen McCue. St Martin’s Griffin 1994

I Remember Running. The Year I Got Everything I Ever Wanted--and ALS by Darcy Wakefield

It Helps to Talk About It; Living, Not Dying, with Lou Gehrig’s Disease by Bob MacLean

It's a Miracle, I'm Still Sick: Growing In Faith When You Don't Get Healed. by Dan Gottwerth

Learning to Fall the blessings of an imperfect life. Philip Simons, Batam, 2000.

Meals - A collections of recipes for easy swallowing to enhance the joys and pleasures of eating by Vicki Appel, Sandy Calvin, Gena Smith, and Donna Woehr.

Non-Chew Cookbook by J. Randy Wilson

On Eagles Wings: Fulfilling the needs of your terminally ill loved one; A practical guide for the Care of Terminally Ill Loved Ones. Connie Crozier Bobo, The Freefall Factory, 2000

Passages in Caregiving; Turning Chaos into Confidence by Gail Sheehy

Patrick and the Giant by David G. McNelis - David McNelis was a member of the Philadelphia Chapter and passed away in September 2010 after battling ALS for 14 years .

Realities in Coping with Progressive Neuromuscular Diseases edited by: Leon Charash; Robert Lovelace; Stewart Wolf; Austin Kutscher; David Price Roye; Claire Leach

Share the Care: How to organize a group to care for someone who is seriously ill. Cappy Capossela and Sheila Warnock, Simon and Schuster, 1995

Taking Charge: How to master the eight most common fears of long-term illness. Irene Pollin, Random House, 1994.

The Butcher’s Daughter - The Story of an Army Nurse with ALS by Sandra Lesher Stuban, RN

The Dysphagia Cookbook - Great Tasting & Nutritious Recipes for People with Swallowing Difficulties by Elaine Achilles, ED.D

The Pureed Gourmet by Henry and Jane Evans

This Far and No More by Andrew H. Malcolm

What Did You Learn Today? A book for young children about ALS by Tina Singer Ames (available free of charge through the ALS Association Greater Philadelphia Chapter Office).

What If It’s Not Alzheimer’s? A Caregiver’s Guide to Dementia by Lisa and Gary Radin


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