Remembering Kathryn Voit


We have lost a beautiful,  gracious, intelligent woman.  Our beloved Kathryn Voit died peacefully on the morning of March 8, surrounded by her devoted Gerry and their children.  There are no words to describe the impact her loss has on all of us.

Kathryn conducted herself as if ALS was just a minor irritant.  Nothing deterred her.   Traveling, dancing the limbo with her grandchildren at our annual holiday party,  writing poetry,  creating ceramics, attending committee and board meetings, chairing the Greater Philadelphia Walk, Kathryn was a full participant. 

Kathryn’s loss, as does any, reminds us that this scourge continues and we can never give up until we tame this beast.

I know you join me in sending our thoughts and prayers to the Voit family.  We would like to share one of Kathryn’s poems below:

To Touch

Babies are swaddled.
Tots are picked up.
Children want to be cuddled,
Folks still touch when grownup.

Adults need their skin pressed
From handshake to hug.
Healing arms are therapy.
Touch is a wonder drug.

Those sitting in wheelchairs
May be yearning for an embrace.
If hesitant, just ask,
Then, watch their face.

Skin is our largest organ,
Not only for protection
But expressing inner feelings,
Profound communication.

The brush of lips,
Pressure from an arm,
Holding hands generates a glow.
All variants have charm.

Thrill to tactile sensation,
And give it generously.
There are people near at hand,
Who need touch desperately.



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