Named Funds to Honor & Remember

Named Funds offer a way for family members, friends and colleagues to permanently honor or remember a person whose life has been impacted by Lou Gehrig’s Disease assuring that the name of the honoree will be forever linked to the Greater Philadelphia Chapter’s unique history and heritage in the fight against ALS.

  • A Named Fund may be established with a gift of $25,000 or more to support a specific interest of the donor.
  • Named Funds fall into two categories:
    • Restricted Named Fund – supports a specific interest of the donor(s).
    • Unrestricted Named Fund – supports the overall mission of the Chapter.
  • Establish a Named Fund with Monthly Gifts

To learn more about Named Funds contact Jeff Cline at (215) 643-5434 or                         

The Ashley Fund


The James E. Beck
Memorial Fund


The Walter J. Benn Memorial Fund

The Eric Berg Fund

Lisa Bolick Fund


Paul and Harriet
Campbell Fund


The Dad Fund in Memory of Tom Cawthern


The Cox Family Fund



Ken Ellis


Linda Ersner Fund for ALS Research



The Bruce “Turk” Gabel Memorial Fund

The Paula J. Goldstein Fund


The Sang Bok Graham Fund


The Despina M. Grimes Fund


Thomas L. Hanson Memorial Fund

Thor W. Johnson
Memorial Fund

The Chris Katucki Fund


The Mike Kilpatric Fund

  Jack Kissinger Fund

The Phoebe Leboy Fund


The Peter Lilge Fund


The Wayne L. Martin Memorial Fund


Sally McLaughlin Fund

The Janet Michael Fund


The Patricia Ann Morgan Fund


The Rhoda J. Mull, Esquire, Fund


Nancy K. Noone Memorial Fund

The Arlene D. Odell Memorial Fund


The Emily Ow Memorial Fund


Samuel Pennise
Memorial Fund


The Alan L Phillips Fund

The Joanne E. Pugliese Fund


The Carol R. Resides Fund


The Charles (Chick) Rogers Fund


wes-rose-NFThe Wes Rose Fund

The Rothshow


The Kathleen “Casey” Santye Fund


The Charles W. Schwarz Fund


The Jack Seese Fund

The Marjorie Shimer Fund


The Donna L. Shultz Fund for Patient Care


The Richard G. Smolev Fund


The Eileen Spence Fund



The Gregory J. Telthorster Fund


The Anne Van Gobes Fund


The William F. Weart Fund

The Ronald & Sherry Wenger Fund









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