How to Organize Your Event

1.    Create a Planning Committee

Ask enthusiastic people whose dedication and skills will make for a successful event. Involve enough volunteers to share the workload.

2.    Set a Goal

Set realistic goals that you can measure and obtain. By tracking progress, you will generate stronger event participation and community goodwill.

3.    Choose the Right Event

Decide on the right fundraiser that fits the interests and skills of your group and the community you’d like to be involved.

4.    Identify Your Target Audience

Decide who you would like to participate in the event. Is it public participation for the whole community or is it geared towards a specific group or organization?

5.    Schedule Your Event

Pick a date and time for your event carefully to encourage maximum participation. Give yourself plenty of time to organize, publicize, and guarantee great success. This would be the right time to contact us at 215-643-5434 to get the necessary forms submitted and have anyquestions answered.

6.    Plan Your Budget

By identifying and planning for expenses and income sources in advance, you will maximize proceeds by keeping event costs down. Work on getting things you might normally pay for donated instead.

7.    Use Crowdrise as a Fundraising Option

By creating a Crowdrise fundraising page, you can direct family and friends to your personal page so that they can donate to your fundraiser or event. Crowdrise offers many features to make your fundraising experience fun and easy! Click HERE to learn more.

8.    Promote and Publicize Your Event

Get the word out early! Press releases, flyers, posters, community bulletin boards, emails, Facebook – all are easy ways to publicize. Even TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines often provide free public service time and ad space.

9.    Collect the Funds

Gather most donations ahead of time or during the event. Otherwise, all funds should be collected within two weeks of the event.

10. Say Your Thank-Yous!

Recognize and acknowledge everyone who participates, let them know how much money was raised, and do something special for your committee. This can lead to the fundraiser becoming an annual event generating donations to The ALS Association for years to come.


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