April 2018 Volunteer of the Month

Cos Curry

cos-curry-VOTM-april-2018-full-sizeCos Curry Rallies a Community to Fight ALS

Coach George Curry was the winningest high school football coach in Pennsylvania history before he lost his life to ALS in 2016. Today, his son, Cosmas (Cos) Curry, continues his father’s fight by leading the Berwick Walk to Defeat ALS® and working to raise awareness of ALS throughout the community. The Greater Philadelphia Chapter is proud to recognize his efforts and honor him as our April Volunteer of the Month.

For 46 years, Coach Curry was an iconic image of strength for his Berwick Bulldogs players and the greater Berwick community. He stood on the sidelines and, in his son’s words, "helped turn boys into men." While he coached these players to be great on the field, he was even more concerned with promoting integrity, team work, and leadership.

When ALS ended his father’s life, Cos was determined to help create a world free of this devastating disease—one that gave his dad only months to live after diagnosis.

Cos recognized the fight to end ALS would require many helping hands and giving hearts. After learning from The ALS Association about the Walk to Defeat ALS®, Cos knew he found an ideal way in which to commemorate his beloved father and rally the community. He remembers thinking, "We can do that. In fact, we have to do that."

When he started recruiting people for last year’s Berwick Walk to Defeat ALS, Cos found he did not need to do much to inspire people to say "yes." They knew this was a disease that needed more awareness and funding. The Berwick community was looking for someone to lead the way. Cos Curry stepped up to fight ALS and his neighbors, friends, and everyone who knew Coach Curry were ready to join him.

Every Person Plays a Part in Eventual Victory

As Cos works to organize the Berwick Walk to Defeat ALS, he is more committed than ever to conquering ALS. "People need to know about the realities of ALS and also be aware of the help that is available for families so that they don’t have to face ALS alone."

Equally as important, Cos impresses that each person makes a difference. He remembers that his father lived by this conviction, reinforcing the worth and necessity of every player on his team. Cos applies this same philosophy to his leadership in raising awareness of ALS. "I make sure each supporter knows their work is valued and part of the eventual victory over this cruel disease" he says.

Thanks to people like Cos Curry and communities such as Berwick that host a Walk to Defeat ALS, researchers are discovering new genes and biomarkers that can lead to improved quality of life and better treatments, families impacted by ALS can receive critical support in the home, and state and federal lawmakers continue to enact policies that improve conditions for people with ALS.

Berwick, Pennsylvania is a community where people genuinely care for each other. Cos Curry’s leadership of the Berwick Walk to Defeat ALS mirrors that of the football team his father coached—they will do everything it takes to win!


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