Care Connection

Do you have neighbors, family members and friends ask, “What can I do to help?” We suggest you put them to work! There are lots of tasks that can be done by others, freeing up the primary caregiver to focus more on care-giving and/or work outside the home. “Lots a Helping Hands” in one way to organize a group of helpers. It is a free, private website that helps coordinate care. The website specific to ALS is:

We suggest you find a “Coordinator” to schedule your help. This person should be someone close to you, but not the primary caregiver. This person will need two lists from you:

  1. A list of tasks where you could use help; such as running errands, making meals, providing rides, shopping, laundry, pet care, childcare, housework, yard work, providing companionship, and possibly help with physical care.
  2. A list of family members, friends, neighbors, members of the community, or people from your church (called “Participants”) who you would like to invite into your community of care.

The Coordinator would contact those Participants that you have identified (either by email or by phone), to see if they are willing to help with one of the requested tasks. The Coordinator then prepares a calendar for you indicating the time, date, Participant, and the task to be performed.

You can view a video about the Care Connection and Lots a Helping Hands website, on the Chapter’s website by clicking here.  You can also contact Gail Houseman, RN, at the Chapter office: or (215) 643-5434 x 23.



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